Artist Alley

At Conventions, there are multiple venues where artists and vendors interact with attendees to sell goods and services. The Dealers Den is geared for larger vendors, and offers set times and assigned seats, where-as the Artist Alley is geared specifically towards artists and crafters, offers a more flexible schedule and format, and is limited to people who wish to sell items/art of their own creation.

For the attendee, Artist Alley offers an ever-changing assortment of goods and services to browse, as the artists offering their work in the Alley will change from day to day, or even within the same day as one person leaves and another one sets up for business. We have had vendors selling a huge variety of goods over the years, from the classic sketchbook commissions and badges, to steampunk jewelry and etched glassware. The Alley starts business every day at the same time as our Dealers Den, but where the Den closes in the evening, you will find artists in the Alley working late into the night.

Artist Alley registration for Texas Furry Siesta 2019 is not yet open. Please check back later in Spring 2019 for opening information. If you would like to be sure you do not miss the opening, we recommend subscribing to our announcement channel at