Dealer’s Den

The Dealer’s Den is the traditional home of vendors at most furry conventions; in other genre of conventions, this can be also be known as the Vendor Hall or Expo Hall. Here you can buy a wide variety of merchandise such as comics, games, t-shirts, books, plush toys, commissions and so much more. As well as shopping, can often meet artists and authors, either as guests of vendors or at a table of their very own. You may be able to commission that artist you’ve always wanted to meet.

Texas Sales Tax Permit

All vendors must possess a Texas Sales Tax Permit to do business at Furry Fiesta, with the exception of demonstration-only vendors (no sales) or a registered charity. No Dealer will be allowed to set-up without a Texas Sales Tax Permit on file with the Vendor Coordinator.

Obtaining a Texas Sales Tax Permit is a free, quick and painless process which can be done online at

Dealer’s Den registration for Texas Furry Siesta 2019 is now OPEN.

Apply by clicking here.

All applications are juried to provide the most high quality merchandise to our attendees, as well as to offer them a good variety in selection.

Applications before May 19th, 2019 have equal opportunity.