Frequently Asked Questions…. and Go!

Exactly what is Furry Siesta?

Texas Furry Siesta is the summer event hosted by Creature Arts sometime in the months of June, July, or August. It is largely a social event, with very little programming. It has been called a light Convention or a furmeet with extra features, but Siesta is just it’s own thing and it’s not looking to be tied down by any labels.

The format is pretty free flowing, and we try different things year to year as we grow and have Staff to make things happen. Things we’ve had in the past:

  • Vendor Hall
  • Dances
  • Live Music
  • Pool Parties
  • Tiki Party
  • Birthday Cake
  • Board Gaming
  • Video Gaming
  • Meet and Greets
  • Movie Showings

What could the future hold? Who knows! That’s what makes Siesta great. Got a weird idea you’ve always wanted to try? Drop us a line, we like trying new things.

So, why ‘Furry Siesta’?

Siesta was the creation of DRAMA (the forerunner to Creature Arts) to answer one very simple question:

“How do we have a summer event without people getting heat stroke?”

Between mid-May and mid-November Dallas is HOT, with temperatures ranging between the high 80s to over 100F. Even for non-costumed people, playing outside with no good way to cool off is problematic, and for fur suiters potentially life threatening. So, the answer was simple — we needed air conditioning.

Where do you get air conditioning? Indoors! But, when we went looking at options, a lot of places we looked at had hefty fees. But, Creature Arts had credit that needed to be spent at the Addison Crowne Plaza Hotel from our years of hosting Texas Furry Fiesta and Nightmare Nights at that location, and they not only had air conditioning and a pool, they also had hotel rooms and meeting space available. And voilĂ , Furry Siesta was born!