Application Info

Applications will be open April 1st through April 26th, 2024
Results will be sent vial email on May 6th, 2024

Becoming a Vendor at Siesta

Texas Furry Siesta does not have separate Dealers Dens and Artist Alleys, we only have general vendors. Vendors of all types and levels of skill are welcome.


So, you’d like to start selling goods and services at Furry Siesta.

1st Space: $80, includes one attending badge*
Additional Space: $40
Electricity: TBD

* All additional badges for assistants must be purchased individually. Please have them register as a regular attendee, then link them to your registration.

Mailing List

Join our Mailing List to be kept up to date on the latest Furry Siesta Vendor news and announcements. We don’t sell your information, and we don’t spam you — only news!

Vendor Rules:

1. Texas Sales Tax Permit
All vendors must possess a Texas Sales Tax Permit to do business at Furry Siesta, with the exception of demonstration-only vendors (no sales) or a registered charity. No vendor will be allowed to set-up without a Texas Sales Tax Permit on file with the Vendor Department.

  • Obtaining a Texas Sales Tax Permit is a free, quick and painless process which can be done online at:
  • If you have not received your official certificate before Furry Siesta, please bring a copy of the signed form you faxed/mailed to the Comptroller’s Office with you to Furry Siesta. Vendors selling any item at Furry Siesta must collect all Taxes and Tariffs required by the State of Texas.
  • Vendor merchants are also responsible for the submission of these taxes to the appropriate offices. (Sales Tax for Dallas, Texas is currently 8.25%.)
  • You may file by email your Texas Sales Tax Permit ahead of time or stop by the Coordinator’s table and file it at any point during the Den’s registration & operational hours.

Note: We may have limited facilities in place to assist in registering for a Texas Sales Tax Permit at Furry Siesta. However, to ensure that you are ready to set-up and do not get an unpleasant surprise, we highly recommend that you obtain your Texas Sales Tax Permit before Furry Siesta.

2. Posting of Signs & Display Rules
Use of the space provided is up to the vendor, but certain restrictions apply:

  • Each vendor is restricted to the use of the space on top of, and immediately behind, their table. Side stands may be permitted, but only upon the approval of the Vendor Department.
  • You may not encroach on your neighbor’s space (including neighbors behind you) without their permission. Please be courteous.
  • Displays that include sounds or lights (including videos) are permitted as long as they do not annoy your fellow vendors and/or attendees. If complaints are received, you will be asked to turn off these items.
  • Squeakers and other noisemakers are allowed, provided they do not unduly annoy other vendors. Please remember that not everyone enjoys listening to them all day. Please be kind.
  • Vendors may not adhere anything on the wall using any method, period. All wall displays must be free-standing.

3. Prohibited Items
Please be aware of items prohibited for sale. This list may be appended at any time. Should you have questions about whether an item may or may not be sold, please contact us. Furry Siesta reserves the right to ask retailers to remove from display or sale any items the Staff feels are inappropriate.

Prohibited items include (but are not limited to):

  • AI Generated Art (All Media). This includes items where AI art was used as a basis, such as 3D printed wall hangings.
  • Firearms, no exceptions.
  • Alcohol, no exceptions.
  • Weapons which are not peace-bonded.
  • Flammable/incendiary items other than candles and incense.
    • Note: Candles and incense may not be lit for demonstration purposes.
  • Scents and Perfumes may be limited if the smells are overbearing and affecting other vendors/attendees.
  • Home-made food items that are not compliant with Texas Cottage Law.
  • Bootleg or knock-off goods. Note, this includes 3D printed items you have not purchased a commercial license for (Updated).
  • Any other item prohibited in the State of Texas or the City of Dallas.

Furry Siesta reserves the right to ask retailers to remove from display or sale any items the Staff feels are inappropriate.

4. Adult Material
Adult material is permitted, but it must be tastefully censored or otherwise obscured to prevent access by minors. All Adult Material (including but not limited to printed, video, computer-generated, drawn, audio and physical) must be censored. The retailer is responsible for policing his or her own space to keep minors from being inadvertently exposed.

This ESPECIALLY includes display items like dakis, wall hangings, posters, etc that are visible at a distance!

5. Retailer Liability:
Vendors are responsible, within reason, for any damage to hotel property and/or equipment loaned to them due to inappropriate use. Hotel property and equipment may not be modified in any way, including but not limited to: holes, chips, paint, glue or damage due to rough or inappropriate behavior. Furry Siesta, Creature Arts, and the Hyatt are not liable for any personal injury or damage to equipment and/or property caused by the inappropriate use of hotel equipment, such as falling while standing on a chair or table. Please use provided equipment responsibly.

6. Layout Changes
Furry Siesta reserves the right to make changes to any published layout, as needed, at any time up-to and including during set-up.

7. All Furry Siesta Rules, including the Code of Conduct, must be followed in addition to the rules listed here.

8. Furry Siesta & Creature Arts reserves the right to amend these rules without prior or posted notice.