The Dealer’s Den is the traditional home of vendors at most furry conventions; in other genre of conventions, this can be also be known as the Vendor Hall or Expo Hall. Here you can buy a wide variety of merchandise such as comics, games, t-shirts, books, plush toys, commissions and so much more. As well as shopping, can often meet artists and authors, either as guests of vendors or at a table of their very own. You may be able to commission that artist you’ve always wanted to meet.

Artist Alley is a more free-flowing venue that has artists and crafters coming and going, and you can find people working there late into the night. It’s a great place for smaller artists with more portable setups to get started selling goods at a convention.

Dealers Den & Artist Alley
Public Hours of Operation

Friday, Aug 27th12pm to 5pm
Saturday, Aug 28th11am to 5pm
Sunday, Aug 29th11am to 4pm

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Our 2021 Vendors

Art by TiggerPup Inanimorphs and Furry Flags
Art of Bernal ItsProbablyMars
Art of Michele Light Kawaii Chikkie
AtoZ Creative Noxychu Arts
Beloved Fox Pinku’s Crafty Cottage
Boltie LLC Pirate Artisans
Caribou Ink Roxxie / SoberDOGS
Citrinelle Ryuu Daiga
Denny N Art Sensual Survival
DiZZiNESS VisionarySerpent
Fire Wolf Studio White Lightning Productions
GAB SHIBA Zyeph Shop

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