Texas Furry Siesta relies on YOU – the attendees! Each year our attendees not only give us someone to create content for but, also assist in making Siesta happen! From Staff to Volunteers and everything in between – Texas Furry Siesta is built by YOU!

So, what are your options?


Staff help organize Siesta, and there are two different layers. We are generally organized into departments, like Registration or Vendors.

There is the leadership layer, who are elbow deep in planning the event all year long, so if you’d like to really make a difference and have a passion for a particular aspect of Siesta, this is the place for you. It does require long hours and dedication, and can amount to a part time job in the weeks leading up to the event. However, if you’ve ever wanted to see something come alive, it’s fullfilling.

General Staff are the work horses of the event. Where leadership plans, they help execute. This layer of Staff does not require the amount of work leading up to the event, but if they want to they are more than welcome to do so. General Staff help set up and tear down the even, based on department and role, and are incredibly important to making Siesta happen.

Additionally, there are several roles that happen prior to Siesta, which do not interfere with being at Seista, such as marketing and artwork. These are often filled by people who already have at-Siesta obligations that are not Staff, such as DJs or Dealers.

Staff receive a complementary entry badge, whatever goodies we wrangle for the year (food and/or swag), access to Staff crash space, and our undying thanks.


Don’t have the time or interest in committing to Staff, but still want to help? There’s Volunteering.

Volunteers help out here and there for a couple of hours at a time, based on your availability. You could be helping hand out stuff in Registration while the staff process people in, helping re-arrange a room between events, guarding the vendor hall, or any number of small tasks. If being Staff is a meal, Volunteering is a snack. Help a little, help a lot, all help is appreciated.

Volunteering, like Staff, does have it’s perks:

  • 6 Hours – Print
  • 12 Hours – Attendance for next Siesta

You can sign up ahead of time, which we greatly appreciate, or you can just walk up to the table at Siesta and say hi!